Monday, March 5, 2007

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

This cover is one of the most mysterious covers of all time, with his technique of cutting and pasting, there are great mysteries surrounding this artwork. Grammy winner for best album cover, who was developed by Robert Fraser as art director, and Peter Blake with Michael Cooper as a designer and photographer.

In his time this type of design was innovative, today we see many things with cutting and pasting style, today is almost a trend in design, since you can put various ideas in the same layout and still make you look beautiful, engaging and modern.

In this album cover, many celebrities have their space, like Marlene Dietrich, WC Fields, Diana Dors, Bob Dylan, Sigmund Freud, Aleister Crowley, Edgar Allan Poe, Karl Marx, Oscar Wilde, Marlon Brando, Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy, and Indian gurus (request from George Harrison). Besides these celebrities there is also the first members of the Beatles were, Pete Best and Stuart Stucliffe.

As I said earlier, if you get the CD of Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band you will feel anger, because you can not see much things with clarity, you have to look at LP cover album to be able to look closely at every detail. In addition to a beautiful hard cover, you will buying one of the best album of all time, which is not only my opinion.

In the design concept, this album once again innovated and make a trend, today many people use this album artwork as a reference, not only musically but also as design. Besides be an english Pop Art artist, Peter Blake did works for album cover of Oasis - Stop The Clocks. Better than read I writing here, is to go for an used bookstore, and buy this album, put on the record player and look at the cover and increasingly discovering that this recording is wonderful.