Thursday, April 19, 2007

Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits

Look at this picture. Seen it? Yep, there's nothing nowadays we can't do like this. This photo was shot in 1967 by Roland Scherman and is a perfect way to show Bob Dylan's style. The picture's climate and the layout was perfect. It may seem simple at this cover, but I really like it.

Again I'll talk the LP format, 12 x 12 inches. LP format is much better to enjoy than CD format with little 12 x 12 centimeters. In overall, this cover art shows symmetry and a perfect backlight that bounces off in Dylan's head.

It can be easy to make this kind of silhouette, but an expression of melancholy that Bob always has in his gaze and his music is very clear. It seems he is in the midst of recording the voice. I look at this cover and think: "I would be there to know what he was singing at that moment.

The art directors of this artwork were Robert Cato and John Berg, who logically in 1968, a year after the launch of this great album, received a Grammy Award for best album cover with photo. This award was given for at 1966 to 1969, who also had a category, graphic covers. After 1969 the two categories were merged and replaced by best album cover.

You must buy this album to look and feel this album climate. Dylan is a great songwriting and great musicians think he's a genius.

I think that nothing takes away the charm of a good retro photo. I think differences between good photographer and bad photographer is the talent, because with a good digital camera and a reasonably light, you have a good shot. For me what matters is the idea and the concept, as Roland Barthes said: "The most important organ of a good photographer is his finger." Good luck, good music and good looking.