Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Iron Maiden - The Final Frontier

OMFG! Iron Maiden, please pay Derek Rigs to do your album covers like old times! This cover sucks! Eddie like I met at Killers has nothing like that Eddie! This Eddie is ugly, (OK, I know, I know.. Eddie, must be ugly), but he is very, very ugly! This Eddie looks like the Predator!

I like this album. The music is Iron Maiden, nothing new, but still well done, but this cover... I don't know....

This cover art was made by Melvyn Grant, the same guy who made Fear of The Dark and Virtual XI covers. I like Fear of The Dark cover, but this time...

I don't wanna a shirt with this art.. I'll keep using my old ones. When I look at this cover and compare with Powerslave cover, I feel sad with what's going on with Iron Maiden's covers. Derek Rigs, please come back!! =)


Meu Deus! Iron Maiden, por favor, pague o Derek Rigs para fazer as capas como antigamente! Esta capa é uma merda! O Eddie como eu me conheci em Killers não tem nada a ver com esse Eddie! Esse Eddie é feio, (OK, eu sei, eu sei .. Eddie, tem que ser feio), mas ele é muito, muito feio! Esta Eddie parece o Predador!

Eu gosto do álbum. As música são Iron Maiden, nada de novo, mas ainda bem feito, mas esta capa ... Eu não sei ....

Esta capa foi feita por Melvyn Grant, o mesmo cara que fez as capas do Fear Of The Dark e o Virtual XI. Eu gosto da arte do Fear Of The Dark, mas desta vez ...

Eu não quero uma camiseta com esta arte .. Vou continuar usando minhas velhas. Quando eu olho para esta capa e comparo com a capa do Powerslave, eu fico muito triste com o que está acontecendo com o Iron Maiden cobre. Derek Rigs, por favor, volte! =)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Similar (Analbum Covers)

Lets see some similar album covers.
I read somewhere about this category of cover art called Anal Bum cover. =)

Bruce Springsteen - Born In The U.S.A.

The first and most famous is Born in the USA from Bruce Springsteen and this album was the best-selling of 1985. Exist one legend about Bruce has been paid to use Levi's Jeans, but I can't found anything about that.

Bruce Springsteen's Born in the USA is one of the most imitated album covers of all time. Let see some similar Anal Bum covers arts =)

The Donnas - Bitchin'

I never listened this album, but the cover has a design well done. Modern design.

Eagles of Death Metal - Death by Sexy...
This album is very nice and the band name has nothing about Death Metal. It's just a good Stone Rock band. This band is another Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Ages) project.

Scissor Sisters - Night Work

I don't like the band and this Anal Bum cover is very weird. I could die without seeing it. :P

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Weezer - Hurley

When I saw this album cover I almost not believed it. Jorge Garcia from Lost is a huge Weezer fan, he met Rivers Cuomo in TV show backstage in May of this year and asked to take a picture with him. This simply picture is the newest album cover that will be released in 14th September.

Rivers Cuomo said: "I was coming up with all kinds of stuff, but ultimately, we just went with some random word that doesn't really have anything to do with anything. I just loved this photo of Jorge Garcia -- it just had this amazing vibe," he continued. "We didn't want to do a fourth self-titled record and we knew people would refer to it as 'the Hurley record' even if left it without that title, so we just called it 'Hurley.' No words are on the cover because all we wanted was his amazing face."

Weezer don't like names on their albums. Some of them are known as "Green album", "Blue Album" and "Red Album" and now ... "Hurley".

I love funny cover arts ;)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Avenged Sevenfold - Nightmare

My new addiction is the newest Album Nightmare from Avenged Sevenfold. This album is a candidate for album of the year for me. I have to say that I didn't know much about A7X before the horrible premature death of Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan. And after read some articles about him and the band, I started to listen and I thought: "yes, this is good!".

When I knew that Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater) would be the drummer of this new album I became crazy! OMG! The best drumer to me, playing at A7X!

It's time to talk about the album cover. This album art was made by an artist called Rafa Alcantara (or Rafacore). He work at Core Entertenment, and this company does everything between design and video direction.

The A7X DVD+CD called Live in the LBC & Diamonds in the Rough, not only was recorded and directed by Rafa Alcantara, like, he did the album cover art. I like very much this kind of language and I think this is the perfect drawing to metal students. I remember when I was young, I used to draw in my books and notepads things like this.

I know that this album cover design is very literal, but I really like it. I love the tribute photo inside the CD that shows the band with his great friend "The Rev" that has gone last december. A beautiful tribute. Every minute of the disc is very worthwhile.

This album is amazing! Listen it!