Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Somewhere in Time

How do I talk about album covers, without talking about Derek Riggs? This British artist revolutionized Heavy Metal album covers, especially with Iron Maiden, which each cover and each album were expected with so much anxiety. Iron Maiden can be considered the greatest Heavy Pop Metal Band of the world. They make music very similar and people are still crazy about then! Including me of course! =)

I have been addicted to Iron Maiden for many years, especially in times of LP formats, where the details of the album covers were much better to admire. I think Iron Maiden have lost so much with the CD format. All the art details, insights, stories involving the albuns now it seems so... small you know?

I will first talk about one of the albums I like the most, the Somewhere in Time. I could look at this album cover all day long, but in CD format is very boring. 

Every detail of this cover is amazing! For me, looks like he was painted for about 4 years! Each detail is so great and very well done. I think this design was revolutionary, not mentioning the previous album, Powerslave, which for me is the most beautiful metal album cover EVER!

Derek Riggs is the man! Like Storm Thorgerson who made the covers of Pink Floyd. Derek also did almost all Iron Maiden covers, he also made cover arts for bands like Stratovarius and Gamma Ray. The image of the Power Metal owes much to him, of course I'm not talking about the tight leather pants. =)