Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Black Sabbath - Born Again

Much was said at the time that the cover was a copy of the album of Depeche Mode New Life from 1981, but was not it. So I read on the site Minuto do Heavy Metal (Heavy Metal's minute), that this cover was created by Steve 'Krusher' Joule and is a long story.

After confirming that Ian Gillan (Deep Purple) and also the return of Bill Ward (drums) for the album, Don decided to steal as much of the team that worked with Ozzy and Sharon.

Steve 'Krusher' Joule already made the covers of Ozzy and was asked to create sketches for the new album from Black Sabbath, the Born Again. But Steve did not want to lose the work and friendship with Ozzy, he decided to create this basic outline and ridiculous, to members from Sabbath saw it and disapproved his art, but it was not what happened.

Also according to the site of Heavy Metal Minute. Four ideas were sent to cover and one of which was based on the baby on the cover of a magazine called Alive Mind which was released in 1968. Steve made a copy in black and white, created the horns, hooves, teeth and used the oddest color combination that he thought possible.

Tony Iommi loved the cover and Geezer Butler looked at and said, "It sucks, but it is fucking great!". The manager Don not only loved but also decided to make a this baby costume for one dwarf use on tour.

Steve was suddenly forced to make that cover for a large amount of money. After rolling for a while, not wanting to make the cover, he along with his neighbor and a bottle of Jack Daniels, and into the night, quickly made the cover, including all the writing, to receive the combined.

Bill Ward has said he personally hated That's the album cover and According to him, Ian Gillan Told That the press he vomited When he first saw the cover. However, Tony Iommi approved the album cover.

Well, I like this cover and this album, but this cover has been considered one of the worst album covers ever. The British magazine, Kerrang!, ranked the cover in second place behind only, the Scorpions' Lovedrive, on their list of "10 Worst Album Sleeves In Metal/Hard Rock". The list was based on votes from the magazine's readers. Well, tell me your opinion. =)