Friday, September 10, 2010

Todd McFarlane - Music Artwork

I used to be geek when I was young, well, I'm little geek =). In early years I used to be more geek than now, I spent a little fortune buying comic books like Spider Man, X-Men, Spawn and others. Thinking in this I remembered that amazing illustrator Todd McFarlane did some album covers that I really like.

Iced Earth - The Dark Saga

Well, when I saw this cover I almost not believed. Imagine the moment. I was 15 years, completely geek and a huge fan of Spawn and Metal seeing this album cover... I freak out to listen this album from this American Heavy Metal band. I don't like to much Iced Earth, but this album represent the biggest geek moment of my life. =)

Korn - Follow the Leader

I have to admit, I like Korn, but just a little ok? Hahaha. I prefer Swedish Melodic Death Metal, but some bands of Alternative Metal like Korn don't boring me. This album is great, and I love the artwork made by McFarlane. If I could be anything I would choose be a comic book illustrator.

Disturbed - Ten Thousand Fists 

For me the best album from Disturbed. Some times I used to play Stricken in Guitar Hero just to play the guitar solo! hehehe. Talking about the artwork, I think McFarlane could do better, but, I like it.

DIsturbed - Indestructible

The second best album from Disturbed (for me). For me this album consolidate Disturbed like one of the best new Heavy Metal bands. Listen it! You will enjoy this album. About cover art, I love this illustration, but sometimes McFarlane does so much characters without face, but I think this is cool if you want to show darkness.

I hope McFarlane keep doing album covers design like he does your toys, music videos, and games. He does everything! He is great illustrator.