Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Scary Album Cover

Is very difficult to choose the best scary album covers, but, in my iTunes library I found this 3 albums that sometimes, scares me a lot =)

Quiet Riot - Metal Health
This excellent album with the classical "Cum on Fell The Noize" (Slade cover), brings me a lot of memories. This cover scares me fucking much! The man with the iron mask (crazy guy) look at me and I almost break out into myself. This Artwork was created by Quiet Riot and the Illustration was made by Stan Watts, who won Grammy Award for this album cover.

Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath
This another scary album cover is a photo from Mapledurham Watermill, situated on the Thames river in Oxfordshire, UK. Standing in front of the watermill is this scary figure dressed in black. Beyond the artwork, the Black Sabbath's song still scares me a little. When I was young, I never listened this song into the night. =)

King Diamond - Give Me Your Soul Please
King Diamond has a long history of creepy and ghastly album covers. Many of them (Abigail, Them, The Graveyard, Voodoo, and Abigail II: The Revenge) have a much more gothic vibe, though one of the King Diamond's latest albuns, however, won in terms of being scary. Not only does it feature a ghoulish little girl on the cover, but she's covered in blood, seemingly licking it off her fingers as the album title drips in the background. Is she possessed or just sadistic? Who the hell knows, but it's freaky and demented all at the same time regardless. (by Music Ing). This album cover was made by Teemu Vedenoja (illustration) and Brian J Ames (Booklet design and Layout).

Has many others scares album covers in metal world, like Slayer, Iron Maiden, and all the Black Metal Bands! In other time I talk more about others scares album covers.