Friday, October 1, 2010

Brazilian Art worker

If you don't know the Brazilian artist called Gustavo Sazes, certainty you ever seen one of his artworks. He did works for many Metal bands around the world like Old Mans Child, Krisium, Angra, Firewind, Stream of Passion among others.

Check some works of him.

Stream of Passion -  The Flame within

Another Gothic metal band with female vocals. I think this band is cool, but, has many similar bands like this. I prefer the After Forever.

Old Man's Child - Slaves of the World

The totally brutal Black Metal! I don't like to much, but I have to admit that the musicians are fucking great! But the sound don't excite me very much.

Krisium - Southern Storm

Extreme brutal metal from Brazil. I think they are one of the best brazilian metal bands in the world with Sepultura. I like, but not to much. Is too brutal for me, I like death metal for example, but bands like Cannibal Corpse I think is to much. =)

Firewind -  World Of Fire (Single)

This power metal band from Greece is good, and their guitar player is now playing with Ozzy! But the only power metal bands that I like are old Helloween, Gamma Ray and Stratovarius. The other bands are an imitation, but I can't say that the bands is bad, it's is only because I don't like Power Metal anymore, unless be Stratovarius, Gamma Ray or the OLD Helloween. =)

Well, talking again about Gustavo Sazes, I like his design style, but I think he do many similar artworks. But who I am to talk about this? One of the greatest bands in the world working with him. I am very happy to know that have a Brazilian artist is successful in the metal world with their art.